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The Grauman's Chinese theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame have 16 million visitors every year. Imagine being able to advertise right in the heart of Hollywood for $2.00 a day.

Through our books, a user has the ability to tour the Walk of Fame and the Grauman's forecourt using there cell phone to listen to biographies of the favorite stars. This collectible gift has the biographies of over 200 actors, actresses, directors, musicians, radio personalities and national icons at their fingertips.
  Since the first release of our books, we are now seeking advertising partners for our summer  book. We are also launching a new advertising program called "Flexible Advertising" which may change advertising forever. Click below to watch a short demonstration video about our books and our advertising.

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1X (6Months)

2X  (12Months)

Back Cover 4 1/2x11 Color



Inside Back Cover 4 1/2X11



Full Page Ad 4 1/2X11



Half Page 5 1/2x4 1/2 Color



Business Card Size 2X3 1/2 Color



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